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Submitted on
July 1, 2011


  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Listening to: hikari - elisa
  • Reading: dare truth or promise (i love senior fiction lol)
  • Playing: farmville
  • Eating: cookies and cake XD jj
  • Drinking: milo
Original / Romaji Lyrics

ai wo sagashite tabi wo suru hikari wa
mune ni egaku mirai e tsuzuiteku darou
tamerau tobira wo aketa nara
atarashii ashita e to arukidaseru

kokoro no oku fukaku shizumu
setsunai omoi wa
dare mo shiranai
hitori bocchi na itami

doushite na no? daiji na mono
nakushite bakari de
furishikiru ame
mata kanashimi wo utau

aa itsushika
ate no nai mama ni samayou kono machi
nee shinjitsu sae
mienakunatte shimau kedo
shinjiru michi wa jibun no naka ni kitto aru

ai wo sagashite tabi wo suru hikari wa
mune ni egaku mirai e tsuzuiteku darou
tamerau tobira wo aketa nara
atarashii ashita e to habatakou

namida no shizuku kaze ni tobashite
nagareru kumo soshite hirogaru aozora
miagete hitori sotto chikau
owaranai yume wo daite ikiteyuku

haruka na negai tsunaideku hikari wa
kibou to yuuki wo hakonde kureru darou
sugiyuku toki wo kazoeru yori
ima to iu shunkan wo kakedasou

moshi kanawazu ni kizutsuitatte
nando demo soko kara hajimete yukeba ii
kotae wa sou yo hitotsu jyanai
itsu no hi ka yorokobi ni meguri aeru

English Translation

The light that makes a journey to find love
Continues to chase after the future captured in my heart
If you open the hesitating door
You can walk into a new tomorrow

Painful memories
Sink deeply in the depths of my heart
The pain of loneliness
That no one else knows

Why do I always
Lose the most precious things?
The never-ending rain
Sings of sadness again

Ah, without anyone noticing
I wander aimlessly in this town
Hey, even though
The truth can't be seen
You should believe in the path within yourself, it's there

The light that makes a journey to find love
Continues to chase after the future captured in my heart
If you open the hesitating door
You can fly into a new tomorrow

A teardrop floats through the wind
The flowing clouds and the blue skies beyond my reaches
I look up, alone, and take a vow quietly
That I will live embracing the never-ending dream

The light that connects the faraway wish
It will surely bring hope and courage
Instead of counting the time that has passed
Let's make most of our time now

If your wish isn't granted and you are hurt
You just need to start over again from there, again and again
That's right, there isn't just one answer
You'll find happiness one day


such a beautiful song and i wunna thank alex for showing it to me. but yea right about now i wish i had of choosen japanese instead of french to learn last yr but yea. i love songs sung in other languages a couple of favourites being german, scandinavian (basshunter sings the most awesome songs in scandinavian i bet u didnt know this but basshunter is from sweeden) andfrench. but the language i most love hearing songs sung in is japanese =)
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XxDeathNoteX Jul 1, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
I love that song!
its really beautiful,i laughed at Danny's comment,i think he might be having ann Nabari no Ou overload.But who am i kidding,im the one who got them into it.
hahaha its true,just ask them.
demingirl15 Jul 2, 2011  Student General Artist
lol yea ive been searching everywhere for the violin part so i can play it lol
hehe naburi no ou overload i think thats more alex i swear she's been mentaly dating the charactors but then again i used to do that with christian coma and andy sixx from black veil brides lol
XxDeathNoteX Jul 2, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
lol,Alex loves every single show she has ever watched,she always has to have a character that she can mentally date.
So i take it she dumped Sebastian and went to Yoite?
WELL,that is a mighty big age gap there dont ya think?
but yea,Sebastian=demon butler while Yoite=some kind of power where everytime he uses it a fragment of his life span decreases.
Anyways those two guys are probably my favorite characters other then Near and as my little brother likes to call him Mello Jello Marshmello,
lolol.My friend Jasmine and I asked eachother which Death Note characters we were to date,Jasmine said Mello and i said Near...
Mello+Near=Yaoi Couple!
Alex and I support Yaoi...maybe yuri,but definately YAOI!
demingirl15 Jul 2, 2011  Student General Artist
lmao yea
i support both yuri and yaoi cuz im bi and it just occured to me almost all the girls in my social group are bi lol but yea u wouldnt believe how long it took my bestie taylor-ann to work out that i liked her lol
XxDeathNoteX Jul 3, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
hehe,yea,i had two friends Taylor and Michelle(i feel so left out,because my name is Taylor)and they were both bi,My friend Michelle was as you could say raped by a former boyfriend,so she kinda gave up on guys and turned bi.Taylor on the other hand,i didnt know she was bi until her and Michelle started going out.But i dont talk to Taylor anymore i still talk to Michelle from time to time,
but they broke up like months ago.
demingirl15 Jul 3, 2011  Student General Artist
lol yea feels like my friend taylor is the only girl left in the group thats not bi or lesbian (minus cheerleaders exsept megan).
g that must suck. but yea i kinda did turn bcuz well guys at my school are idiots not like we didnt already know that but yea its weird how taylor-ann was totaly relaxed about it lol.
and hey pple come and go atleast u still talk to michelle occasionaly
XxDeathNoteX Jul 3, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
i know i love Michelle,weve been friends for like ever.
anyways as Danny said what Alex was doing...
Alex overload!
demingirl15 Jul 3, 2011  Student General Artist
lmao i love mcr's old stuff like the songs helena and welcome to the black parade. but their new stuff kinda bugs me cuz they went pop'y which is just annoying
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xxMotionlessInWhitex Jul 1, 2011   Writer
i agree,you HAVE to watch that show!
demingirl15 Jul 2, 2011  Student General Artist
yea i will just once i finish dancing to basshunters latest single lol cant believe its been like 6 or 7 months since ive had the courage to listen to bh again lol infact still cant believe i still kno all the random shit about him that i used to spout last yr lmao
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